4 Steps To Create A CEO Mindset

We all know the importance of mindset when you are a business owner and an entrepreneur. The key to success is partially in the mindset work that you do, but super success is linked to your ability to really step into the CEO, into the leader in your business to take it to where you want to go. Without a CEO mindset, the one where you step into the leader and LEAD the business, you’ll stay stuck.

So here are my 4 tips to create a CEO Mindset…..

Step #1 – Make the decision to become the CEO

You need to consciously say to yourself, right enough dicking about and playing small.  It’s time to step up and step into the role of the leader in the business. To do this, you need to start acting like a 6 or 7 figure business owner and ask yourself everyday “what would a 6 figure business owner do?”. Own it. Embody the person you aspire to be and start making decisions and taking action from a place of, if I were already a 6 figure business owner what would I be doing right now?

Step #2 – Remember the 80/20 Rule

Do you know about Pareto’s principle? The concept is such that for example, 20% of customers generate 80% of the revenue. The point is that you have the option to focus just on the 20% that is going to get you results, so really you need to stop wasting your time being busy for busy sake and focus on being more productive. Focus on the income generating activities, not email or trying to multitask or spending an hour scrolling through your FB news feed. It Isn’t going to get you the results you want, but working out exactly where the sweet spot is, where you need to be investing most of your time, that will. Focus, focus, focus.

Step #3 – Systems and Automation are your new BFF

To help you maximise your time and energy, you should start placing a big emphasis on your business systems and automating wherever possible. Take your most popular selling content and turn it into an evergreen funnel that will make you money whilst you sleep. Automate your website backups. Stop sending invoices to your clients and waiting for bank transfers, start taking credit card payments for instant payment. Plan out and schedule your social media in advance, heck, plan it out and write it and hire a VA to schedule it all for you. It will be more cost effective for them to spend a couple of hours at £35 an hour, rather that you spending a couple of hours at £100 an hour!! Spend the time doing a FB, writing a blog post and creating more epic value filled content for your tribe.

Step #4 – Let Go God Damn It!!!

Stop thinking that you are the only person that can do EVERYTHING in your business and no-one can do it as well as you, because they can and you might even find someone who does it better than you. You also need to stop thinking everything needs to be perfect. You don’t need a sales page to sell a product, you don’t even need a website, it helps don’t get me wrong as it builds social proof and visibility, but it isn’t an absolute MUST. Don’t waste hours on create a sales page or a sales funnel. Get help to do it, spend your time being creative, building the know, like, trust factor and doing the one thing ONLY YOU can do, get transformational results for your clients!!

That’s it, it really is that simple (or not as the case maybe for some of you). As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know how hard it is to let go in particular, but finally after a few years I am starting to see that done is better than perfect. You don’t need to have all your ducks in a row to sell a new service, package or programme. As long as you have a way to take payment, then you are good to go. People buy people, they buy into your energy. Remember that.

Now go and start taking action to be the boss in your business. If you need someone to run ideas past, talk through tech, tools and systems or have no idea where to start with systemising and automating parts of your business, get in touch. Book a pick my brain session and lets get you unstuck and moving forwards.


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