A Full Moon Manifestation Ritual: Opening Up to Universal Possibilities and a Life of Flow

A Full Moon Manifestation Ritual: Opening Up to Universal Possibilities and a Life of Flow

Today I’m delving deeper into my spiritual side and sharing what I do when there is a full moon and/or when I am ovulating, because my cycle mostly is in sync with the 29 day cycle of the moon.

The full moon is a great time to connect with yourself, clear any unwanted energy, as well as open your heart and mind to what is possible. I love the natural rhythms of the moon and my own menstrual cycle. It gives me a chance to reconnect with myself and tap into my inner wisdom. I find doing this helps me to manage my anxiety and to live a life more in flow.

To mark this shift not only in the lunar cycle, but my own menstrual cycle phase of ovulation (typically cycle days 14-20), I will be setting my intentions and making my wishes for the next 29 days.

Here is what I do…⠀

☾ Light a candle, ground myself (take 3 deep breathes) and focusing purely on being present. Letting go of the thoughts that plague my mind (which can be overwhelming at times).

☾ Next I’ll take a few moments to think about what I want to let go of and what I want to receive.

☾ Grab a piece of paper (or your journal) and note down all the things you would like to show up in your life over the next month – let’s call these your full moon wishes.

☾ Thank you Universe and say an affirmation. Here are some great examples of affirmations for surrender and trust.

☾ Place your piece of paper (or journal) somewhere you will see it daily, like your bedside table. Take time each evening before you go to sleep, take a look at your list and reflect.

That’s it, short simple, sweet but a nice little ritual to do nonetheless. Now sit back and watch the magic happen.

I’d love to hear your full moon and ovulation rituals, share them below by leaving a comment or connect with me on Instagram and share it with me in the DMs.

How to Make Better Decisions in Your Business and Your Life

How to Make Better Decisions in Your Business and Your Life

How to Make Better Decisions in Your Business and Your Life

Emma O'Connell

21st July 2020

Are you terrible at making decisions?

Do you go back and forth a million times, agonising over what to do? Then in the end you get so overwhelmed that you end up making NO decision at all because quite frankly it’s just easier. Perhaps you’ve struggled to sleep, tossing and turning, worrying about doing the ‘right thing’. Sound familiar?

I am bad at making decisions. Not so much in my business, but give me a menu in a restaurant and I struggle to decide what I want to eat. I just find it very overwhelming because I LOVE food. But that isn’t the only thing I agonise over, choosing a school for my son was also a pretty overwhelming decision.

We are faced with making decisions everyday of our lives. Some are small, but some are massive life changing decisions that have the power to completely overwhelm us. But what if there was a way to lift that heavy weight off your shoulders and make decisions with greater ease? Well there is and it involves tapping into your menstrual cycle (and the hormones at play).

Here is how you can get started:


There is no one size fits all solution here since we are all different, but the key lies in understanding the natural rhythms of your body through your menstrual cycle and knowing where you are in your cycle before making any decisions.

If you know that you feel terrible at a certain point in your cycle, it probably is not the best time to make any decisions. Be aware of making decisions around ovulation since any  decisions you make now you will likely need to be followed through on during the luteal phase when you are premenstrual.

We are faced with making decision every single day, some are small but some are big life changing decisions that have the potential to completely overwhelm us. What if there was a way to lift that heavy weight off your shoulders and make decisions with greater ease?


Winter (menstruation, your time to bleed) is the perfect time to reflect. You can go deep and meditate and journal, but equally grabbing some fresh air and being outside in nature can make a huge difference to getting some mental clarity. Take a break, get off social media and see what happens, you may find that suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle slot together.

Spring (pre-ovulation) is a great season to test things out. Go with what feels good and make a decision from that place.

Summer (ovulatory phase) is the part of the cycle where you feel more daring, ready to take a risk and try something new. This is the best time to make big bold decisions and take any steps that are going to propel you forwards.

Autumn (post ovulation) is a time to slow down and assess what is and isn’t working for you. For some, it is a great time to make decisions because making decisions can be easier. On the other hand, having to make decisions during this phase can be overwhelming.


If you are fueling your body with sugar and caffeine and have a tendency to skip meals as well, this really won’t help you make decisions with ease or clarity. Instead you are adding fuel to the fire as this concoction is a recipe for de-stablising your blood sugar and causing more mental confusion.

You need to make sure you eat regularly. Now is the time to stop skipping meals. If you ensure that every meal contains protein, this will help give your body the nourishment it needs to make effective decision, ones from your gut (the good old gut instinct) rather than being ruled by your head (and your ego).

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