Online Business Manager for Soul-Led CEOs.

Helping solopreneurs to simplify their business and build their dream team, so they can fully step into their CEO shoes.

Online Business Management mixed with big picture thinking so you can reach new heights and turn your dream business into a reality.

You started your business to enjoy more time, more money and more freedom.

You didn’t start it to work 24/7 or do allthethings.

You love your business and your clients, but you are sick and tired of being spread so thin. Managing a team AND the operations AND driving the business forwards, is too much for one person.

Things have got so out of control that you aren’t even sure if you are running your business or if you business is running you.


Are you ready to stop hemorrhaging time and money from your business by working ON it rather than IN it?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.




Helping you to own your genius and focus only on the things that make you money, so you can take your business beyond 6 figures.

I’ll be there taking care of everything else.




Helping heart-centred, purpose driven entrepreneurs to step into their role as CEO and grow their business beyond 6 figures with strategy, automation, systemising and a team.

ways to work together

Choose an adventure

Online Business Management

Monthly retainers or intensives designed to put you back in the driving seat of your business and into the CEO role.

Tech Systems Set Up

Stop wasting your time trying to get your head around all the tech. Get back to doing what you love. Let us handle the rest.

Website in a Day

Get your website out into the world fast and ditch the website shame forever. Let’s create a website in full alignment with who you really are.

60 Minute Intensive

My brain in your business. Bring your biggest business challenge and together we’ll find a solution and put an action plan in place.

Overheard saying

“I am loving a wing woman!”

mother of two, Tech geek, reflector & Dog lover

I’m Emma, your Online Business Manager (new Business BFF + Wing Woman)

And I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, stressed out and stuck.

I left the corporate world because I got tired and frustrated. I didn’t like being put in a box and realised I was made for more. So I launched my business because I wanted to do good in the world. Just. Like. You.

And then I got sick.

As a master procrastinator, utter perfection and typical type A personality, life got too much because of the pressure I put on myself and reached breaking point. My brain said enough is enough.

I don’t want the same for you, which is why I am some damn passionate about helping entrepreneurs to understand the power in the right systems, the right support and managing their energy effectively.

“She sees the bigger picture, is quick to identify gaps and is able to provide solutions. You can count on Emma to do what she says she will do and to see something through to completion. She has added value in so many countless ways and I am very grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending her  to anyone looking for seamless OBM support for their business.”

top resources

How to Conduct a Business Systems Audit

Every task you perform is linked to a process and a bigger system. It is a good idea to audit your business systems every quarter to six months by blocking out time in your calendar to take stock. Click here to get your FREE Business Systems Audit Worksheet.

top resources

How to Really Set Smart Goals

If you dare to dream big, stop using SMART goals, they force us to create goals that are merely realistic and attainable. The key to incredible success lies in creating seriously ambitious goals that feel very uncomfortable and completely out of reach. Read more here.



You really have two options….. you can stay stuck where you are drowning in busy work or you can get serious and focus on bringing your dream business to life.

I know which one I’d choose.