Hi I’m Emma.

I teach entrepreneurs how to simplify and streamline their business, so they can maximise their impact and income.


There is a better way to amplify your message and accelerate your success.

  If you are ready to experience more time, more freedom and more success, then let’s create the structure, systems, support and strategy that will enable you to achieve more by doing less.

I know you didn’t start a business to work 24/7 and wear all the hat. Let’s say goodbye to the overwhelm and uncomplicate your business. Because life and business are so much better on the other side.

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Streamline with Systems

An online course designed to teach you how to create less stress and more profits with sexy systems. Organise your business the right way to save yourself time, delegate your unneccessary tasks and get your life back.

The CEO Club

A membership that gives you access to monthly workshops designed to stop you working as the employee in your business and help you step into your leadership role as the CEO. Work ON your business rather than in it.

VIP Virtual Intensive

My eyes on your business. We’ll deep dive into the most pressing system, process and team challenges so you can amplify your message and accelerate your results with a simplified and streamlined business.

Emma O’Connell

Head of Big Picture Thinking + Technical Geekness

Lover of dogs, tea and all things food.

When I’m not being mummy to two small humans, you can find me teaching entrepreneurs to simplify and streamline their businesses, so they can work smarter not harder.

After graduating from university in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) in International Business and Modern Languages, I spent 10 years working in the back-end of businesses.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been helping business owners to get more shit done. I’ve worked with many clients, who all made the same mistakes. Now I teach service-based entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable and wildly successful business by implementing 3 core principals: strategy, systems and support. 

I’ll help you automate as much as you can, guide you to delegate the tasks that aren’t your zone of genius, and help make you money whilst you are sleeping.

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