Align Your Life with Your Menstrual Cycle + Awaken the Truth of Who You Really Are

Grab a copy of Happy Healthy Hormones, my 5 top tips to reconnect with your body and rebalance your hormones.

Hi, I’m Emma 

and I am so excited you are here!

I’m a menstrual cycle awareness educator, mother to 2 small humans and passionate advocate of hormonal health. My mission is to reach as many woman as I can and teach them that their period is actually their superpower.

If you are craving more time, more energy, more vitality and increased productivity, I know that menstrual cycle awareness is the missing piece. If you are wanting to align your life with your cycle to enjoy more ease and flow, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here is how I can help


Reconnect with yourself, accelerate your success, optimise your impact, creativity and productivity and feel nourished along the way.


Take Charge, learn to live you life in alignment with your menstrual cycle and how to apply it to YOU, your life and your business.


Come and join our tribe of women who want to live an Alive & Aligned life in our FREE Facebook Community.

Reconnect with your womb to accelerate your success.

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