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How many people are you not impacting by staying where you are?


Get ready to build a profitable business empire that gives you more time and more freedom to do the things you love, whilst maximising your impact and income.

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You’re tired of missing out on family time, staying up late and getting eyerolls from your partner because you are pulling out your phone… AGAIN… to work. 

Despite feeling desperately guilty, you keep pushing through hoping that all this hard work will one day pay off.

You feel stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted. You’re to-do list seems to be growing non stop. Your productivity level is diminishing at break neck speed, and there’s zero work-life balance (does that even exisit?).

Despite working all these hours and being the best at what you do, you still aren’t creating the kind of income you thought you would. Instead, you’re constantly trying to keep up with ever-increasing expenses and feel as though your dream of having a 6-figure savings account has just jumped of the second-floor window.

Let’s change that for good, together. 

stress and overwhelm don’t have to be permanent

How would it feel if you could:

✔️ Bring your vision to life and achieve all your goals

✔️ Fully step into your power, become the CEO and leader you were born to be and create a bigger impact in the world

✔️ Operate only in your zone of genius and stop being busy

✔️ Enjoy more clarity, increased productivity and greater balance to your schedule and to do list

✔️ Live and work on your terms, spending more quality time with your family and loved ones

create a life and business you love

I’m talking about creating a life and business where you feel less overworked and overwhelmed trying to do it all.

You don’t have to feel like you are being pulled in all directions, because you have plenty of time for family, business and life.

You feel exited to start the day. You know what you want and you know you can achieve it.

You bring your ‘A Game’ everyday, you serve your clients to the best of your ability and have a solid support system running in the background to take your business to the next level (which means increasing your profits).

are you ready TO take your business to new heights WITH A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?

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You aren’t getting to the end of your to-do list

You aren’t getting to the end of your to-do list

You are working more hours than you thought you would

There are tasks that need doing, that you don’t have the skills or the desire to do

Time out is a distant memory

4 steps to hiring

how to get started

book a call

We understand that each business is unique. During our call we like to get to know you, understand your current challenges, what your desired results look like and map out how we can work together to maximise your impact and income.

Prepare the paperwork

If we agree to work together, we’ll send you an email with a contract and an invoice. All you need to do is sign the contract and pay the invoice in advance before we commence work.


You’ll receive a welcome email along with the login details for you to access to your client dashboard. We’ll answer any questions and hold regular calls to make sure we are on the same page.

Get Started

We’ll then schedule a kick off to call to go through all your processes and systems, set expectations, get a detailed understanding of how you work, who your customers are and establish how best we can support you to take your business to the next level.

Have questions?

frequently asked questions

what is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who provides support small business owners remotely, on an adhoc, project or ongoing monthly basis.

A VA should be called upon when you need a skilled and highly professional person to provide top class business support and advice in the same way as you would call a solicitor or an accountant for support and advice.

One of the many fantastic things about a VA is that you are getting a higher calibre of administrative knowledge, expertise and service than you would generally find in a temp, or even an employee in many cases. Experienced VAs have spent many years working at a very high level before making the decision to go into business for themselves.

Virtual Assistants are the best fit for clients who don’t have the time, space, budget or large enough workload for employees, but still want and need someone to be at their right-hand; someone who can get to know them and their business, and can proactively contribute to getting things done beyond simply performing tasks. 

What tasks can I delegate to a VA?

How much work and what type of work you delegate will depend on the nature of your business and the level of support already available to you. Most Virtual Assistants will happily take on some or all of the day to day tasks that take your time, attention and energy away from building your business and maximising your impact and income.  As business owners themselves your VA will have their own systems and processes for getting things started and helping you determine what can be delegated.

It is worth remembering that the true value of a Virtual Assistant lies in the ongoing collaborative relationship itself and you should consider getting a VA that offers a package of diverse services on an ongoing basis rather than just on a project specific basis.   This will result in your administration being dealt with in a systematic way rather than on a transactional one off basis. That is how business owners achieve the kind of long term results and stronger business foundations that working with a VA can bring them.

There are two main things you need to consider when deciding what your Virtual Assistant can do for you. These are:

The tasks of today

These are things that must be done if your business is to operate successfully. These might include appointment making, business correspondence, credit control and paying bills.

The goals of tomorrow.

These might include the likes of subscribing to and reading email newsletters that your competitors send out to assist you with your longer term marketing goals; providing a regular update of all the business news you need to know but don’t have the time to seek out for yourself; or developing new systems and processes for your business that will mean better control and increased financial awareness in the future.

Personal and family support

In addition to the above, which are predominantly business biased, your Virtual Assistant can help you with your family and household administration. Researching summer schools for your children, liaising with estate agents, reserving tables at highly sought after restaurants, ensuring your vehicle insurance is renewed on time, the list is endless. Any tasks that involve making your life easier and saving you time are all part and parcel of a good Virtual Assistants day to day activities.

You may decide to just delegate the tasks of today in the first instance but when you are looking for a Virtual Assistant it is always worth seeking out one that is more savvy and on the ball than you initially need her to be as it will serve you well in the long run.

To give you a better idea of how we can support you, click here.

Is there anything my VA can't do for me?

Virtual Assistants are not Unicorns. No matter how highly skilled and experienced they are, they are not an expert in everything. Just like we expect you to focus on your zone of genius, our VAs focus on theirs and that is getting the time consuming tasks done and making things happen. If your VA can’t perform a specific tasks, we’ll find you one that can. That is the beauty of working with a VA Agency.

In addition, VAs cannot perform tasks such as reception duties, running errands and making cups of tea for visitors – technology will have to move on in leaps and bounds before any of these tasks can be performed remotely! If you do need a receptionist and you can’t afford to hire an employee or you don’t have the space then you need to consider a call answering service.

It is also important to remember that you shouldn’t ask your Virtual Assistant to perform duties that you really need a different sort of professional to do. For instance, your VA might be handling your day to day marketing activities but wouldn’t be qualified to develop your long term marketing strategy. For that you would need a professional marketing consultant. If you expect your VA to perform at the same level as a marketing professional your expectations are totally unrealistic and you will be only end up very disappointed.

What sort of relationship do you have with a virtual assistant?

Administrative tasks happen again and again and again. They are not one off occurrences but an ongoing activity that needs to be fully understood and dealt with in order to ensure your business runs smoothly and grows profitably.   It is important therefore to build an ongoing collaborative relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

We firmly believe in building long term collaborations, because it ensures that your VA develops a clear knowledge and understanding of you, your business, your objectives and your clients and can subsequently provide you with the best possible service.

The longer you work together the more the synergy between you develops. And that is where the magic happens. Before you know it, the ease of working with a VA turns from days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, all before you know it. And then you will wonder how you ever functionned without one!

What is the difference between an employee and a VA?

VAs are not employees.

This is one of the greatest challenges faced in the industry.

Understanding the nature of your relationship is crucial to successfully working together and ensuring that your expectations are in line with each other.

If what you want and need is the most basic secretarial support, then you might just want to work with a local temping agency. If, on the other hand, you want the benefit of working with someone who really wants to know you, your business, your customers, and who wants to be deeply involved in your success, you’ll want to work with a Virtual Assistant.

VAs are not employees! They are independent professionals running their own businesses. If you decide to use the services of a VA then you must understand right from the start that they are not going to be available to you eight hours a day, five days a week like an employee would be. A VA will plan their working week around all of their clients (of which you are just one). The relationship you have with your VA will be that of client and professional rather than employer and employee.

On the whole people work with VAs because:

  • They don’t have the workload for a full time person
  • There isn’t the space in the office for another person
  • They enjoy working by themselves and don’t want the company
  • They don’t have to provide equipment
  • They don’t have the costs associated with an employee i.e. PAYE and NI, holidays, sick pay
  • They don’t ever have the cost or stress of having to fire an employee including tribunal costs, administration of grievance procedures etc.

If any of the above apply to you then working with a VA will certainly offer you the very best and most cost effective alternative in meeting your administrative support needs.

still not sure if you should hire a va?

Let’s chat about it to make sure it’s 100% right for you, send me a DM on Insta @emma_oconnell