Solopreneur or Entrepreneur? Which one are you?

The term solopreneur isn’t one I’d heard of before entering the realm of running my own business. It was a former client of mine that used the solopreneur term in her messaging and reflecting back, that is exactly what she was. She had accurately described herself. So what camp do you fall into? Lone wolf or pack leader? Let’s explore the differences and how using a virtual assistant or online business manager can help uplevel your business.

What the heck is a solopreneur?

In case you aren’t entirely sure what a solopreneur is or how it differs from an entrepreneur, let’s define a solopreneur as a lone wolf. Someone who is happy plodding along, growing their business but who has zero intention of hiring staff. EVER. They are happy working in their business, delivering projects and serving their clients. They may love networking, but they are at their happiest just working.

The purpose of a solopreneur is to build a sustainable business. They are happy to work hard to build it, doing everything themselves.

A few examples might be a web designer, a freelance writer or a graphic designer.

Right, so how are entrepreneurs different?

Mindset. Whilst at the beginning of starting their business, entrepreneurs are equally as happy to get stuck in doing everything in their business and wearing all the hats, the fundamental difference is their mindset. They are only willing to do all that, but only until they can hire a team. They want to scale and grow, and they know hiring a team will enable them to achieve their goals much faster than by doing everything themselves.  They are confident leading a team and at delegating tasks.

Entrepreneurs will often have more than one business, or start a business, sell it and then start another new business. Solopreneurs tend to stick with what they know.

How can both benefit from a VA or OBM?

Right off the bat an entrepreneur will benefit from both a VA at the beginning of his business journey and an Online Business Manager once the business is more established, since an OBM is that safe pair of hands. The business strategist and general manager that holds the vision of the entrepreneur and manages the team to get shit done.

A solopreneur would benefit massively from a VA, to help them a few hours a week or month to keep on top of the general admin that is involved with running a business. Whether that is bookkeeping, diary management, customer service support, client follow up, issuing contracts etc. There are a number of tasks a virtual assistant can do to help and support a solopreneur from becoming overwhelmed, stressed and burned out from doing it all.

Which one are you? Do you classify yourself as a solopreneur or entrepreneur? I would love to hear you thoughts. Leave a comment below.


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