Purple Memo

Embarking on a new challenge and a journey of discovery

Tweleve months ago, I embarked on a new challenge, a journey of discovery and set about teaching myself WordPress. After 2 months I launched. Since then my website has continued to develop and evolve as I learn new things and decide to change the layout and design.

Before I started I knew nothing about websites, but my knowledge and experience has continued to develop. I am 100% self taught and other than a GCSE in Graphic Design, I have no prior design experience but I know what I like and I know what looks and feels good.

Clients and people in my network complimenting me on how lovely my website is has led me to the here and now. Offering web design as a service and devoting time to designing and creating websites that are sleek, simple and truly beautiful. I feel passionate that all small business owners should be able to afford a website that reflects them and who they are. I see so many bad websites, I can’t believe this is your only option when you have a small budget to spend.

My clients walk away with something they love. And for me, it’s all about escaping into a world of creativity and continually learning.