Is Too Much Tech Costing You Money In Your Business?

When I speak to clients and ask them about what tools and systems they are using in their business, I often discover that they are using multiple tools to do the same job, over complicating the process and then getting distracted by testing out yet another new one in the hopes that it will solve their problem or challenge. It won’t. It will just end up costing you money.

How many software tools, subscriptions, memberships etc… do you currently have in your business?

Do you know?

I bet you have a fair few tools, so grab a pen and let’s get started.

  • Write a list of all the software tools, memberships, subscriptions etc…. that you currently have.
  • Now, next to them write a list of the ones you are paying for and how much you are paying a month.
  • Circle the ones you use. Be honest, which ones do you use EVERY DAY or at least EVERY WEEK?
  • How many are you paying for and no longer using?

I am guessing that after doing this exercise you have indeed identified that you are spending money (or kindly donating it even) for at least one tool, software company, membership programme, [insert other], that you aren’t using AT ALL. It’s time to stop, cancel and SAVE yourself some money.

So Much More Than Just Money

You are now more aware of what you are spending and how much the tools you don’t use have been costing you. That’s the first step. The next step, is realising that too much tech is costing you money in other ways, such as your time and energy. Over complicating running an online business with too many tools and software programmes is costing you money, in the sense that you are spending too much of your time on the things you shouldn’t be spending your time on! For example, if you spend 2 hours a week scheduling social media across multiple platforms using different tools for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you are wasting time. Precious time you could be using to focus on other things. Either invest the money you have been wasting on software and subscriptions you aren’t using in a Virtual Assistant, or sit down and really look at your process and ask yourself….could this be simplified? Are all these tools really necessary?

Audit Your Business Tools

Which brings me nicely on to doing a business tool audit. I recommend doing this at least a quarter, if not every 6 months. Our needs, and the needs of our business change as we build, grow and scale. Sometimes free software won’t cut the mustard, so we need to upgrade to paid software which has greater functionality, scope and scalability.

The trouble is, as entrepreneurs we tend to fall foul of shiny object syndrome every now and again. We’ve all done it, someone mentions a great tool, you aren’t overly happy with the one you have so you set up a new account to test the software out and then end up paying for it after the trail period whilst you aren’t really using it to its maximum potential because you haven’t had the time to move everything over to the new piece of kit.

It’s time to stop. Get brutal. Cut your losses. Start keeping things simple. You don’t need to over complicate processes and systems by having too many tools that do the same thing. This duplicates effort and the task ends up taking 10 times longer.  It also causes confusion if you want to grow your business and start hiring a team.

Simplified systems are the key to success. So remember K-I-S-S…..keep it simple stupid!!!

If you need help, book a BE FREE session with me and let’s get your unstuck and moving forward with the right tools for you and your business.


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