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Ready to simplify your business?

Here at Emma & Co. we are always looking for ways to create calm from chaos. We are big believers in less is more, we won’t tell you how to do business or tell you to use a certain piece of tech or a particular tool because it’s on trend. We’re here to help you design a business that serves you, not us.

From website development, to marketing systems and automations, let’s streamline your operations so your biz runs like a well oiled machine. It’s time to stop feeling like you are being spread too thin running a business. We want you to enjoy more time and more freedom, whilst making the impact and income you want. Let’s get you back to doing what you love.

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01 More time

Free up your time for what matters most to you, whether that’s traveling, your precious family or your fur baby. Focus on doing less and achieve more.

02 Sexy Systems

Stop f**king around in the back-end of your business, light leaders, change-makers and visionnairies don’t have time for that.

03 CEO Leadership

Uncover your inner CEO, they are a bad ass and you know it. Letting go of your business baby is hard, but you and I both know you were made for more.

The 4S Framework

Strategy, Structure, Systems & Support

Here’s how we can impact your business and accelerate your success.

Tech Stack Review

Workflow optimisation

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Management Tools

virtual team

Systems Setup

Process improvement


Power up your productivity and performance, so you can enjoy more freedom.

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Successful businesses work smarter not harder and together we can put you back in the driving seat of your business doing what you do best.

Embody your inner CEO.

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Tech Setups & Retainers

Stop f**king around in the back-end of your business for good.

Get your systems set up so you can leverage them and use our team of Tech Savvy VAs to support with launches, funnels, sales pages, graphic design, websites, digital marketing and so much more.

do-it yourself


Streamline with Systems is a 4 module course designed to set you up for success so you can enjoy less stress and more profits.

Overheard saying

“I am loving having a wing woman!”

mother of two, Tech geek & Dog lover

I’m Emma, Systems Strategist (& new Business BFF)

And I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, stressed out and stuck.

I left the corporate world because I got tired and frustrated. I didn’t like being put in a box and realised I was made for more. So I launched my business because I wanted to do good in the world. Just. Like. You.

And then I got sick.

As a master procrastinator, utter perfection and typical type A personality, life got too much because of the pressure I put on myself and reached breaking point. My brain said enough is enough.

I don’t want the same for you, which is why I am some damn passionate about helping entrepreneurs to understand the power in the right systems, the right support and managing their energy effectively.

“She sees the bigger picture, is quick to identify gaps and is able to provide solutions. You can count on Emma to do what she says she will do and to see something through to completion. She has added value in so many countless ways and I am very grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending her  to anyone looking for seamless OBM support for their business.”

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