Hi I'm Emma!

Business Strategist, Mentor and your go to to get shit done.

I’m a tech geek, mummy with a mild tea addiction, who is super passionate about helping you to scale and grow your online business, so you can achieve mega success and enjoy more time, more freedom and more money.

In 2015, I quit the corporate world because I got seriously fed up with people dragging their heels, shit not getting done and not feeling like I was not fulfilling my true potential.

After 10+ years working for large organisations at a senior management level I know what is required to remain productive at the top. I know how powerful and empowering delegating can be and the huge benefits of outsourcing what you don’t like and aren’t great at to focus on what you love and what you are shit hot at.

I mean really, why waste your time working anywhere but in your zone of genius. It’s not hard.

I’ve been responsible for multi-million pound contracts, running huge teams made up of third party contractors and team members located across different time zones and different continents. I’ve run large scale projects, implemented systems and processes, rolled out software solutions and trained clients.

I know how to get shit done.

I don’t hold back.

I am direct.

I don’t do bullshit, I am honest.

And I am extremely loyal.

I passionately believe that to build and grow your business, you need to become the CEO and stop being the DO’ER. It won’t just happen over night, it’s a process. And at the foundation of that process is a mindset shift. One that says, I am ready to be the boss.

I believe you can create more time, more freedom and more money by working smarter NOT harder. You don’t need to sacrifice your relationships, family, children, health, lifestyle or happiness to achieve it either.

I help my clients to become the CEO of their business and their life. I teach them how to create super slick systems and processes, recommend which tools and tech they should be using to make shit happen and more often than not end up running their businesses for them (or at the very lest helping them hire a virtual team).

The result

You get to spend more time working ON your business rather than IN it. You become the boss and spend your time doing what you love to do, whether that is mastermind, 1:1 coaching, writing a book or creating more digital products.

Nothing more, nothing less. AND you get to enjoy more time, more freedom and more money whilst you are at it. BONUS!

My mission is to help high performing coaches, speakers and authors to organise, systemise, automate and delegating, so they can scale and grow their online empire.

I want to help you unlock your potential and build not just your dream business, but create a lifestyle you love as well.

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Let’s Get Personal!

I am from Swindon, UK where I first flew the nest to go to University and ended up in the big smoke (London) before moving abroad. I have lived in Bordeaux, France; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Jersey, The Channel Islands; and for the past 6 years I have called Zurich, Switzerland, home.

I am a mummy first, entrepreneur second. I believe you can have it all, a successful business and a family, but boundaries need to be set and my time with my little boy and my fiance is non negotiable.

I have a BSc (Hons) in International Business and Modern Languages and speak fluent German and French.

I am a complete foodie (my other half is a Chef) and my favourite thing to do when I am not being the CEO or mummy, is to go out to dinner with him, relax and enjoy fine wine and Michelin starred food or unwind in a spa and catch up on some sleep.

You’ll often find me on the slopes, taking in the scenery and tearing up the piste (did I mention I am a qualified ski instructor?)!

It's time to uplevel your business NOT just your mindset.

Work smarter not harder.

Together we can take your business to the next level.