Why We Only Offer Part-Time or Full-Time Virtual Assistants

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From now on I will only be working with coaches, speakers and authors who want to hit 6 figures and more in their business. I will only be working with clients on a part-time or a full-time virtual assistant basis. Here’s why and what that looks like.

I made a decision in my business when I relaunched, to work with high end clients. At the time I didn’t know what that looked like, but after a call with a potential client today, it confirmed that the vision I have in my mind of what I want my business to look like by the end of this year is the right path for me. It lights me up, it makes me feel excited. And that I believe is the space we should all work from.

2017 gave me the chance to reflect and be really honest with what I want. In my VA business prior to me having a baby and taking time out, I was working with anyone and everyone and most of my clients were 10 hours a month. This meant I needed to work with lots of clients, on lots of small project to earn an income. But when I digged deep and got really honest with myself, this is not what I want. Working like this doesn’t light me up and it sure as hell doesn’t enable me to add REAL value.

The Big Picture

I am a big picture person.

I like to help my clients with the big picture strategy side of their business. And then support them to take the action to get there. I am building a team, with people like me that can add a serious amount of value to my clients.

I believe that big things happen when you work in your zone of genius and only in your zone of genius. We can’t do everything. Well we can, but why should we? Running a business should be fun but doing everything and wearing all the hats isn’t. It’s exhausting, it’s overwhelming, it’s stressful and doesn’t give you the time or space to be creative. To bring you’re A game every day.

Until you step out of the doer mindset that is keeping you stuck, you really are just the assistant in your business. You have created a business to give yourself a job, rather than build an empire and be the boss.

What is a Part-Time or a Full-Time Virtual Assistant?

Many potential clients will freak out when they see that I only offer Part-Time of Full-Time Virtual Assistant options.

Part-Time is 10 hours a week and Full-Time is 20 hours a week. It’s a simple model, which isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. But I know that this is where the magic happens. This is where you can step in your zone of genius and spend your time eating, sleeping, breathing and living in this space. Working from a place of alignment, flow and ease. Being a content creation machine, whether that’s writing a book, creating more courses or just showing up more frequently for your tribe.

It’s not just that, its so much more. Working for one client for 10 or 20 hours a week gives me (and my team) the chance to build REAL relationships. To be the right-hand woman in my clients business, to get knee deep in the day to day operations, to make a difference and to help them hit their goals. TO GET SHIT DONE.

Ten hours a week will seem a lot to many people, but I guarantee if you spend a week tracking your time and being really strict and more importantly, honest with yourself, you have 10 hours a week at least that you can delegate. FACT!

Serious About Making An Investment

I only want to work with clients who are serious about making an investment in their business and themselves. The clients I am working with right now are total rockstars and going places and doing amazing things. I want to work with women (and men) who are ready to make a difference, who are ready to commit, who want to serve their tribe in a bigger way. Who know that delegation is the key to creating a successful, sustainable and profitable business that gives them more time, more freedom and enables them to make more money.

So if you have hired a business coach and invested in yourself, how about you go one step further and start hiring a team? The thought might scare you shitless, but trust me, when you make that declaration, that commitment, that investment (because let’s face it, its not cheap), you will show up more. You will grow. You will meet your goals. Because you have changed your mindset, you have made the decision to be the CEO.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and watch what happens.

Oh and if you want to find out more, let’s jump on a discovery call and see if we are a good fit. You can complete an application form here. Let’s make this year your #bestyearyet.

See you on the other side.

Emma x